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 Mario's Blog

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   Mario Vena the Chef

Chef Mario Vena emerged from the valley of Cosenza, Italy. In Italy young Mario studied to become a chef. At the young age of 18 Mario graced the beautiful land of Toronto, Canada with his presence. Where he created the most tastefuldishes throughout some of the best restaurants Toronto has to offer. Mario's passion for food and Italy transformed into his most amazing masterpiece yet. His wonderful restaurant La Reserve that sets the standard for a remarkable dining experience.

At La Reserve you get Culture, Class, and Cuisine. Mario is not moved by competition, because he knows how to set a trend and move on. The innovative Take a Chef Home program created by Master Chef Mario himself , is the only program in all of Toronto that allows diners to have a chef prepare a meal in their homes. Not only does Mario set trends he makes sure all of his guests are having a time of their lives, by creating theme nights like Roman Nights and A night in Piemonte where excited patrons can receive gift bags, door prizes, fine wines and exquisite cuisine.

Mario shares his passion and love for Italy, and food with every tantalizing dish that he creates. He admits that he couldn't have done it alone. With the loving support of his lovely wife Claire, they work together in perfect harmony and express their love and passion in La Reserve. Claire's inspiration led to the open-air dining experience at La Fontana. Mario is a family man that takes pride in his wife and children. They all share a deep passion for La Reserve and their family. Become a part of the La Reserve family today, befriend Master Chef Mario. Sign up for Mario's exclusive V.I.P club to receive special invitations to the most lavish dinners and parties.

If you want to cook like the Italian cooking guru, look out for his new cookbook coming soon! Chef Mario is creating a cookbook that captures the true heart of Italian culture. Get acquainted with chef Mario by dining at La Reserve, eating outside at La Fontana. Or arranging your next tryst at Mario's catering service.

Mario sets the standards of what an authentic Italian dining experience should be like. Chef Mario Vena proves that he is on top of his game by setting trends that allow him to be in a class of his own.

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